Driving Lessons

Your First Lesson

The thought of your first driving lesson may be quite a frightening prospect - or you may just be "raring to go".

There really is no need for you to have any worries. If you have never sat behind the wheel of a car your instructor certainly won't expect you to get in and drive at the start of the first lesson.

You will learn the techniques in easy stages and will not be expected to take in everything at once. You will have the same Instructor and car for every lesson and a professional learning plan will be developed just for you!

Local Test Centres

We make sure that you'll get driving experience around the Wanneroo test centre, practicing the routes you will likely be tested on.

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We think that we offer a great deal on all of our lessons and this offer proves that.

We have an enviable pass rate and the best quality instructors who know the Wanneroo area better than anyone.

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