Pass Your Test!

Do you want to pass first time?

If it's Manual Lessons or Automatic Driving Lessons, Male or Female Instructors, we can help.Our team of instructors can help you pass the test quicker than you ever thought. We have the experience and knowledge to really help you. We even have a few tips examiners would rather we kept secret!

Whatever your driving needs, we have the best plan for you! Regular Lessons may be just the key for you if you have work or child care commitments. Each lesson is especially designed for you to help you pass faster and become a safer driver for life.

Lessons can be fitted in around your work, education and family life to suit you! You can be picked up or dropped of anywhere and times can be adjusted to suit you! Lessons can be anything from 40 minutes to 2 hours depending on your needs. You can have 1 or 7 lessons a week, its totally up to you!

We are totally flexible and can fit in around you. There are so many options depending on YOUR needs, so why not call us and tell us what you want, and let us make you happy.

Go for the best!

We know that price is important, but if you consider that what an instructor teaches you could save your life, is it worth shopping around to save?

Fully Qualified Instructors!

Remember that we do not use untrained Instructors, which means you get better lessons from fully qualified professionals.

If there is anything you need to ask, just call 9468 2019 or click below to get a call back.